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The Region

If you travel around La Serrania you will find beautiful landscapes and villages with an special rustic and historic charm, for example:

Alpuente: In the past the Village of Alpuente was the capital of a small Taifas kingdom, which ruled the most part of La Serranía territory. In that time Alpuente could coin its own money. It is said that at the town hall, the assembly of the old Valencian Kingdom met twice. Outside the village, there is the gothic aqueduct called "Los Arcos".

Chelva: Even though the Arabs fist settled it, it keeps settlements from the Bronze age. The old part of the city keeps influences from the three main cultures that influenced the current Spain, Arabs, Jewish and Christians. You can feel the influences of such three cultures by visiting the "Benacacira" Arab neighborhood, the Sra. De los Angeles church built in the XVI century or the old Jewish quarter.

It is also absolutely necessary to visit the marvellous Roman aqueduct of Peña Cortada, wich is placed in the local territories of Tuejar, Chelva and Calles.