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The Village

Chulilla is placed in “La Serrania” territory, 60 kilometers away from Valencia city and 400 meters above the sea level. Its economy is based on agriculture both dry and irrigated.

At the top of the village there is an Arab castle, which crowns the sinuous Chulilla’s old village. Chulilla is a completely pedestrian town, its steeped, narrowed streets and white houses are perfectly adapted to the mountainous area where is placed. The castle has had several uses, by the time of the Spanish inquisition it became a prison. When the Carlistas wars took place, it was used as a fortification and precisely because of this use the castle was seriously damaged and all what remains now is the original fortification.

The Turia river flows pleasantly through the local territory. In its journey the rivers forms impressive canyons, beautiful natural places and amazing views.