C/ Ermita, 10 | 46167 Chulilla (Valencia) | Telephone: 96 165 70 25 | email: lacarreria@ruralrueda.com


Our village offers a unique environment to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities. Specially everything related with hiking and climbing.

- Path of the calderones (Suspension bridges): Our most famous stroll, you can't visit Chulilla and not enjoy its uncomparable landscape.
- Path of the Cerro Negro and the cave paintings of the falfiguera ravine.
- Path of the Charco Azul.
- Path from Chulilla to Gestalgar.
- Path of La Muela.

Mountain bike
- Our region hold several mountain bike races along the whole year.
Horse Riding
- Only available from May to September.
- We have climbing ways for person of all levels from beginer to expert, along with an specialized store with all you can need to practice this sport.